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Building New Pools, Maintaining Existing Ones

Whether you’re considering installing a new pool or want to update your existing one, Pacific West Spa & Pool Ltd is the one for the job. When we design and install a custom in-ground vinyl liner swimming pool, we take care of every detail. From the right filter and heater to the best sanitation system, you’ll have a complete package when our work is done. If you already have a pool or spa and just need help with regular maintenance or choosing an accessory, we can do that as well. When you contact Pacific West Spa & Pool Ltd, you’ll get a company that is qualified to:

• Design and install custom in-ground vinyl liner swimming pools

• Install salt water pools and conversions

• Make liner changes

• Add a pump

• Install a filter

• Make heater repairs

• Repair mechanicals

• Add summer and custom winter covers

• Service your pool or spa

• Detect a leak

• Repair an underground leak

Our Brands Include:

Exclusive Hayward dealer

We Service the Following Areas:

• Abbotsford

• Surrounding areas

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