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Saltwater Pools Conversions

Less Maintenance Leaves More Time for Fun

What could possibly be better than having your own pool or spa? How about having a pool or spa that didn’t require mixing and measuring chemicals or cleaning up after? That’s what you get when you decide to install a saltwater pool by Pacific West Spa & Pool Ltd. When you choose a salt chlorine generator for your pool, you don’t have to come into direct contact with any chemicals. The generator turns ordinary salt into the chlorine you need to sanitize the water. Because it’s a continuous cycle, you rarely have to add more.

Sense and Dispense System Does the Work for You

If you really want a pool with less work, Pacific West Spa & Pool Ltd recommends adding the Hayward Sense and Dispense™ system. With the Sense and Dispense™ system, your pool does all the work. The Sense and Dispense system automatically tests the water chemistry, self adjusts and balances and sanitizes your water. That means the water in your spa or pool is always balanced. No mixing chemicals plus no mess to clean up equals more time to enjoy.

Hayward Brochures

Pacific West Spa & Pool Ltd is an exclusive Hayward dealer. For details and more information on the fine products available from Hayward, check out their brochures!

Salt Chlorination Systems

Salt Chlorination

Sense and Dispense

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